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Child Care for Providers


Allen County Job and Family Services publicly funded child care covers part of the cost of child care for eligible low and moderate income families. In order for a provider to care for children of families receiving publicly funded child care, the provider must be licensed by the state.



ECC Provider Web (PWEB)

Ohio’s child care providers use this site to view transactions and attendance reports for all authorized children in their care. Below you can also find information on the most commonly asked questions:

Ohio Child Licensing and Quality System (OCLQS)

This web-based portal gives Ohio’s Child Care Centers access to the Ohio Child Licensing and Quality System (OCLQS). The purpose of this site is to allow online access for eligible child care providers to complete, submit, view and update the provider agreement, rate and banking information forms. These forms must be submitted using the website in order to receive reimbursement for child care services provided to eligible families. For more information, or to log-in, click here.

Ohio Child Care Help Desk

Call 1-877-302-2347 option 1 to:

Ohio Child Care EEC Provider Help Line

Call 1-888-516-4776 to:

  • Troubleshoot issue with your Ohio ECC POS device or caretakes (parent) transactions
  • Speak to a customer service representative

Allen County Child Care Contact Information

  • Fax documents to (419) 228-0420 (keep fax receipt). Please clearly indicate your name and provider ID on all documents. Note: All documents required to maintain licensure must be uploaded to your program in OCLQS.
  • Email case inquires, applications and delinquent fee documents to

State Hearings

If you disagree with any action on your case or if you believe ACJFS has not taken an action it should have, you may request a hearing by phoning the ODJFS Consumer Access Line at 1-866-635-3748 or by emailing your request to or contact Allen County directly at (419) 228-2621 or

To find out more about state hearings, please review the state hearing section of the ODJFS Program Enrollment and Benefit Information document.

Contact Us

Please use the following information to contact us about child care services:

Phone: (419) 999 – 0291